Prof. Richard D. Wolff relates “The Three Key Economic Issues of 2020” while “R” the Righteous relates what you, one and all, ought relate and ought to know. Do I slap youR hand? Or, can I shove you in the closet and you’ll come o-u-t a changed person when I open the door. Next Month, 3.5 weeks from today. Ecology does not change that much in 3.5 weeks. However, Ecosocialism can and ought to do such. The cultural aRtes can and does change in 3.5 weeks, but would could should that always be the cause or case?

Ecology is of planet eRathe. The focus is upon visible and to ecological-Changes peRpetRated by humanoids in disgust of their own dilemma, or the haughtiness that lay buried w.i. the psyche` known as moRibundity, of plan ole cRapholism. My metallurgy uses resources from the planet’s ore-bearings. I also use resin which comes from tRees’ saps. My ph0t0gRaphy is editing digitalized style that which uses hard-drives and electricity. Persons of oddity-StatuRe steal my tools, my sunglasses, when I’ve been disabled from eye-Fuck flashlight hypersenitizationings. They ought know that I’ve been “disabled” since 1973, and that is commensurate to a “hate-cRime”.   

R-A  < 12 Jan 2020 >