fOliO-34/ “poetRy ‘public’ Readings open Mics impromptu “R’s” poetics & challenginG-CultuRe (10 Feb 2012)”

fOliO-34/ “poetRy ‘public’ Readings open Mics impromptu “R’s” poems, challenginG-CultuRe (10 Feb 2012)


Not sooo innocuous to have a fond memory of the space-Area

 of mountains in mountains looking at mountains and

 not have the confiding visuality. However, the words and woRdages

 of poets make no excuse about pRoviding intensity in meanings.

Whether defined or sublimated, our mutual interests are sparked

Onto furtive fruiti0ns, on pans nearby rivers at ebbs receded.

Not always can we remember the poetic words, but

the audible cadences do not disappear.


Many voices of countenance, not many of morality overlooked

by Un-constitutional wArs-wArrings hypothecaries. Lotsa

Internalized feelings, and sum good one-Souls w.o.

stressful cognizance, as though enmity exists…

hype is not tRype, while exturpations do not louse

Oligarchic infirmaties all-that-much…

How come? 

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