pEtiti0n #1: We Want the ‘eye-Fuck Flashlights’ O-U-T

pEtiti0n #1: We Want the ‘eye-Fuck Flashlights’ O-U-T


        Since before 1998, last millennium, as OTR tRukkoR, as professional-pH0T0gRapHeR

I have been blinded by ‘rudeness-Excesses’ on US: defense-Dept authorized highways. The

fookeRing has been one hand o-f-f steeR-Wheel, and one hand elsewhere i.e. not t-w-o hands

and two eyes “on-the-Roadway”. I normally use the f-Word, since age sixteen reseRved for

anti-nucleaRist correlative. The fact is

a) egregiousness-Extent by weird-o’s blinding at  Random

b) excessive public “rudeness” characterizationings against no spoken words/wordages.

c) daylight heating-Up the CO-2’s and acid-Reins near gRound level, above the already

heating-Up asphalts’ surfaces 

d) there has been an excessive “quiet” from the American Medical Association, especially

Opthalmologists, who number at least 10,000

e) far too quiet our the citizens of u.s.a. who are pRobably too Bourgeois for their own good

to ask for “health-Medicare for all”… more will happen lost computer repairing/hacker deletions 


                                         “R” Addison (1-13-2012)