nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #4 / 1-18-14 HALT chem-tRails/Ionizationings & Release all finances spent (21 Dec 2019)

nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #4 / 1-18-14

pEtiti0n-4: HALT chem-tRails/Ionizationings & Release all finances spent (21 Dec 2019)


The chemicalizationing onslaught by US-Military has been ongoing since 1998, when the civilian’s aerojets could not get funding from fanatic-penataGooons in 1996. The cost has never been released, but citizens fRom Dane Wigington, myself and 100’s of others has kept abReast, because of Radionuclide: stRontium-90, and stearate-Barium, as well a “aluminum-Oxide”. The latter is a heavy-Metal in molecular-size to nano-Size, which means the cost is paid to coRpoRations who do not–most likely– have union-Support. The 21-years is approaching 5-months from laminating the whole-Planet in toxicity to make surveillance of any ole individual or psychopath want to join in the usury against “Humanoids”.


That financing hjas been relegated to “deep-State” immoral-Fanatacism, is, no doubt the accumulationings in atmospheres hasand can cause heatups thruboth degenerate “acid-Reins” accumulating 40-feet from ground levels. Whatever waters are accumulating as though the dai-ichis never happened, nor 33-years  of microns-Pastics, dissintegRating, never to bio-degRade, nor to be assayed as Ionizationings should be every 4-hours, as anywhere on the once-Waz: ecologic-Planet has begotten “contaminants-gayloRe”. How does one remove from the billions of cells w.i. each human’s “anatomy” those molecules and atoms, yet smaller, which lambast from the psycho-pathic, new Rome of plutocRacy, just for anyone and everyone. Who do they think they’re kidding w that cRass-Exceptionalism?






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