immediate-Release for nUkiEmOLe d0t c0m © apeco filed 11-11-19

please Bare Witness as nUkiEmOLE d0t oRg is being updated

<29 Nov 2019>

#61- “A-cRown-pondeRosa-Pine-as-highest-up-altitude-did-gRow-in-this-wide-open-once-foRested-Region…8,635 feet altitude” edited-1-18-14-@-sRC..

–note: the crowning p-Pine, now veRy ‘dead’ was a g00d reason to find this camp-spot. Many vehicles made for a gRand assortment of whom we outd00rs minded persons may be! HikoRs as well…


(22 Nov 2019)

Please note, that nUkiEmOLe d0t oRg will be newly hosted w.i. 3-4 

days AND that “oRdeRs” are now being ‘pReppeD’ for Human Rights Day

and as well as for WinteR-s0lstiCe…next, since iV fRiends–as well

as ‘people i kN0’ who will be getting percentage-Discounts my

displeasure consummated over the past 11-years since starting

 i might now-Weld: add…sufficiency is in demand~


 (11 Nov 2019)

I have yet to post earlier “wind-Turbine country” which is merely 6-10 miles from

my cabin. I’ve studied maps

of Yemen, of Syria, of Iraq, of Afghanistan, where ISIS foothold is yet

“the foreign-Invasioning that the US: military-Hegemonyites started.

I am now seeing how “correct” Hamid Kharzai was, when we

trekked on camel-back into Pakistan, bring back money or guns or dRugs but

no “naked-Ladies” as  he knew that “peace” is a struggle when Pakistan/ISI

is next door and has sea-Ports: direct-Access.

I have NOT AT ALL liked the fascist-Plutocracy “chem-tRailings and

Ionizationings”… please see: d0t oRg  as the site ought or will be up

and running on fRiday the 15th!


Otherwise, the muLedEer, the 3-albums readying for post,

and a host of other “f0li0’s” are not oNLY in the weRks, but newre

oNes will associate w.o. dispaRagements on this site

d0t c0m–and I shall have to castigate Bourgeois “implementation”

—as well as checking-Daily, the war-Releases fRom foreign journalist-Reporters!

I am concerned because of the above, and because the 19th week since shouldeR-Replacement

has not made you intone,  “get well fast as U can” e-Mails.

What’s the matter w You? Shall I go back to san fRan, or

camp all winter in dead: aK-Res high-country WY and CO? please go

tO:  w any and all conceRns…


R-A- pH0T0gRapHiCs  (11 Nov 2019)




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