f0li0-9/ “the muLeYs of Rocky Mountains & Eco-system delights (12-06-10) batch-22″ (3-20-17)

fOliO-9/ “the muLeYs of Rocky Mountains & Eco-system delights

(12-06-10)  batch-22″ (3-20-17)


One facet of Ecology other than anti-ecologic: chem-tRails,

 Ionizationings, are mammals. The other is

gRanite and weather equals ‘cold’. That’s correct,

 colder molecules do not need soap

to rinse chemicals away. Ordinarily! I moved

 into this storage-space, cold-water cabin

17-plus, years back. The muledEeRs were curious,

or mostly a “visual-tReat” to behold,

that wonder of nature, a four-legged fence jumping

animal w huge listening capabilitiEs.

There are countless other mammals of the central-Rockies,

as I’ve expounded upon food procuRements

and none is from hunting. The “muLeys” are fun-to-study.

Twice I threw oRganic caRrots to the ground surrounding

 my insulated palace. They’d hang around sooo

 I did stop the inordinacy, altho I feed Ravens and

coyotes scRaps from monthly collections from here

they too are discarded for no-human context:

 visuality. I believe the fawns learn at the pace of the herd

 as well as mother, but they adapt

what they learn to ‘know’. Because of that feature,

fawns were hard to ph0t0. This past year

 I did get to become them as they are.

Alas those are separated iMaGeS.


       R-A pHoTogRapHiCs

–notes: There were many outside-D00Rs occasi0ns, otheR than two winteR-feeding intensity exasperati0ns oveR the space-Time of study of 15 basics yeaRs as often i wAs OTr-tRukken, when difficultiEs of losing what iotas they were becalming and becoming i.e. molting, birthing fats, -5* and days when i had no teleph0t0 lensed digital-CameRas. MosRosely, the muley’s       did get t0 kN0 mE and never were human-Like inconsistency: infatuated w my being a camera-to-eye, human!


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