fOliO-6/ “all sEssioNs bLU-oAks countRy-Cal (study area since 1969) — batch-6 (08-10-08)”

fOliO-6/ “all sEssioNs bLU-oAks ‘countRy’ bitchen-Cal (study area since 1969) batch-6 (08-10-08)


Since 1968, strange-Persons have been trying to offend my Life, instead of communicate as an american-Socialist. Theirs is a cybernated happenstance, which enterprises that I must do the same “craftie-cRap’ usually in photography in their mannerism. My ph0t0graphic memory gets hurt. The facts pertaining to having someone follow me everywhere–one of the world’s more extensive photographer/philosophers has ruined many appealing ‘freelance’ situations.


As I have been an investigative-Journalist to write my “werks-of-Addison”. Whoever is interfering is paying himself by burglarizing “me” as payment. That continuous-Deed was never a contract by me at all. Where I needed a contract is not import at this time. The theft persons seem not to know history as the challenges of Ecosocialism. The radionuclides-contaminations increase w usages of ur-235 and pu-239 fuel the result of “coRpoRate-commeRcial: NRC”


I’ve been an example of what a creative-Person can do in the “computer links to society endeavors” far more than what is very fecundly shown here after 4-years of the vagary: setting forth my stories and written-Wirks for others i.e. not w them. The real test is yet to come when I expand into having blogs for a variety of endeavors, altho I inherited books and yet need a typist/ book-keepor. Whoever is harassing me ought be facing federal-charges…I am trying to fend the technical w practice and they are usury my Life.


Many more images must be placed to have “one” get viewed, is not myy design, nor those I’ve hired for ‘re-Designs’. I have made errors thinking I could combine a non-WP format w WP. Also, I’d hired CTIC and there were two guys who made me very-very-very angry. Seems they’ve corrupted WP w “encryption” The one compunctive delayed the most are ‘the poems” which needs be in “pdf form”.


Sooo, deducting $900 from approximately $2,650 equals $1,750 and nothing much to show for my “fOliO’s” which I’ve expended last 4-years editing…AND once again, as i edit all these that are posted done by me, these iMaGeS are intended to be viewed on computeRs, not on eyeglasses oblique cellular ‘smallies’! sooo, please do youR eyeballs a favor i.e. do not get blanded by

daylight-headlamps “chauvinism” and read in good-Light. But, above all, see 

these iMaGeS laRge sized and in good space-Time, stead.


“R” Addison

 R-A pH0T0gRapHiCs


  #1- “bLu-oAk-justly-coming-to-bloom-standing-above-a-buckeye-eroded…” 152″H-x-12.75″W-edited-12-28-14-10-12-19-@-sRC..

  #2- “a-fawn-for-reclusiveness…in-cReekbed-beyond-cannabis” edited-3-04-14-10-12-19-@-sRC..

  #3- “Another-place-in-time…bLu-oAk-beside-tRaditional-barn-weRkoRs-quaRteRs-from1950s-iin-backgRound” edited-12-29-14-@-sRC..

  #4- “Poison-oak-bush-in-dRied-bed-beneath-Buckeye-tRee..” 15″H-x-12.75″W-edited-10-12-19-@-sRC..

  #5- “Blue-Oaks-get-not-as-large-as-Valley-Oaks-not-here-in-coastal-Fog…” 15″H-x-12.75″W-edited-3-04-14-10-12-19-@-sRC..

  #6- cRop “Bad-is-not-noRmal…tRy-haRdest-ness-compassionately” edited-12-29-14-@-sRC…

  #7- “the-hills-of-bLU-oAks-n-golden-gRasses-w-cReeks-of-Buckeye-tRees” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-10-13-19-@-sRC..

  #8- “Horse-urine-and-accumulation-coral-gRass-sedge-but-the-tRee-i-planted-in-1970…” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-10-13-19-@-sRC..

  #9- “bLU-Oak-i-planted-1977-because-the-one-next-was-dying” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-12-28-14-@-sRC..

  #10- “UN-molested-to-garner-the-virtues-of-pollution-waiting-where-they-stood…” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-12-30-14-@-sRC..

  #11- “dead-bLU-oAk-limb-inmountains-near-the-Valley-of-the-mOOn…blocked-by-Buckeye-paled” 12.75″W-x-15″H-edited-12-31-14-10-13-19-@-sRC…

   #12- “bLu-oAk-roots-on-standing-above-a-buckeye-sllden-n-eroded…” 15″H-x-12.75″W-edited-10-13-19-@-sRC…

  #13- “dRy-cReek-cRossinG-usefully-in-Vans-1-then-2…bLU-Oaks-countRy” 15″H-x-12.75″W-edited-1-01-15-10-13-19-@-sRC.

  #14- “delineations-of-branches-to-twigs-order-of-strength-for-rejuvenation…” 17.5″-x-13″-H-edited-1-01-15-10-13-19-@-sRC…

  #15-  “Magnanimous-side-of-grasslands-and-Oaks-bitchen-Cal…” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-1-01-15-10-13-19-@-sRC..

   #16-  “When-assurances-that-a-cReekway-fulfills-a-water-Premise…Magnlolia-near-Rocks-cleanse” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-1-01-15-10-13-19-@-sRC..







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