fOliO-28 / “09 Jun 2019 High countRy & mTNS of the wEsteRn eXpansEs in both B & W or coloR (3-29-06) Batch-28”

fOliO-28 / 09 Jun 2019

“High countRy & mTNS of the wEsteRn eXpansEs

in both B & W or coloR (3-29-06) Batch-28


I will literally tear myself from my way, get in the way of self-Self to admonish that my wErk is not yet done, and that matteRs because. These facts are that p-a-i-n that to get myself another major “surgery” has to get in the way ,somewhere. That just happened as the latest goof-Odd did that UN-justly. This happens too often aRound: here! I cannot absorb losses, but my wRitings and my need to update my 2X websites was a double-iN-demnity. Drive OTR-tRuks “129-total” of 2-weEks or more.


As I do not work w Technocracy, is one misnomer not to have in ph0t0gRapHinG. One that I’ve tRied to avoid, since March 2014. My need is to consummate my living before, getting further into the knowledge of ailments bothering the pre-SurgeRies necessities of knowing what follows, which one asserts, which one admonishes w what “medication” and then-some, what herbal remedy. I am now readied for thee “shoulder-ReplacEment”. Read my bloGs. Please do that. RemembeR youR aRte!


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, we understand power has left us w no “health-Medicare” when that is needed mostly, since 1961. Happy days of nucleaRism? Eat your heart o-u-t! LookEy. I weRked for decades to know those exact meanings of outdoors and  a being invulnerable, as well as vulnerable. No meanings other han I do my job pRofessionally! That’s thanks for your vote of appreciation to my ph0t0ing reseRves of lone, of loathsome, of no woman could last as long, because she had not found you! I wiRked as strongly as probable, whether bRown-gRey would be supportive of Ecology as Ecosocialism and as previous-Socializing, and that as the “dEad-z0nE” of the hEy buRn.


Now otheRwise, can I share some of those sToRiEs? Yes, I shall tRy to have a complement of helpors and now turn to “investment-pRoduction”. But, my point being also am I ready for another ind00rS aRtes studio. T00k me that long also! Again, ones design ‘capacious’ is not always technology approved, nor my assertiveness not the complement. Whereupon, my designs are for your ‘viewing’ nonetheless. T00k me that long also for my beaRings on metals need to be welded as well as lifted, as well as moved, and as well as what are viewing sources like website supposed to cost—all day and also d-Day ! !

R-A pH0T0gRapHiCs



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