fOliO-17/ “steel-studies & mEtals foR sCuLpTuRal-aRteS”

fOliO-17/ “steel-studies & mEtals foR sCuLpTuRal-aRteS”

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<01 Oct 2019>

     Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am a “funk-aRtiste`” a phOtOgRapheR, a pOet,

a bloggeR, a still-Life studier adeptly tRained in visual-aRtes since age-5 years. There will

be two uRL’s as this is

steel-studies & mEtals foR sCuLpTuRal-aRteS

and as “mEtal-sCuLpTsseems as befitting foR my visual-MemoRy, when first,

i started in ‘the forge and welding room’ @ the fine Arts Center of Colorado Springs, as an

aRtes student– second year liberal-Arts College–Fall 1965.

     I had been dis-allowed from taking aRtes classes at all fRosh year, AND i desparately

wanted to get into sCulPtuRing, since we did not have metallurgy @ San Mateo High

School. This apoplexy seemed an anathema, until i found the “power-tRippe” was they

were wantonly tRanscribing that we should be allowing them, the admin-officials, to be

the hispstirs, or we are not to be outspoken because they were too fookering-Elitist–a


         I became a teaching assistant w.i, 3-weeks… the reason was, i took to studying

metals as well as metallurgy-Safety, rite-away…

                 “R” Addison



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