f0li0-78/ “sCuLpTs as abstRuseSs is believing ph0t0gRaphy—batch-90″ (10-18-19)

f0li0-78/ “sCuLpTs as abstRuseSs is believing ph0t0gRaphy—batch-90″ (10-18-19)


When I started looking around for a space-Place, an aRtes studio

wiRk-spot,  I had ion mind what many word-Teremed “a dReam”. Sooo

 I maintained a dReamscAPe” for decades, and came back, here the

med-Bow in once-Waz: fRigid buffs country south-Wyoming. Here,

for the third time in this (1923) small house—now cabin—I went about

bringing my 28: stoWage and stoRage space-Places. Would I win-out,

this amalgamating as well as put down-Payment on pRopeRty!


As I had been ‘fit-to-be-tiRed’ of the OTR tRukken, here I could

 get a better rate of pay, for heavy-Hauls, as I had already had experience

tRanspoRting 5-types RefineRy pRocessed oils and fly-ashes

which gets by-pRodyucts pRoduced by those go-Generating

plants in once-Waz agRicultuRal valley: flatlands, irrigated

in bitchen-Cal i.e. both!


“R” the-Righteous, Addison–sCuLpToR


  #1-  “This-piece-helped-my-questioning-need-of-gantRy-Lifts-i.e.-BAN-nucleaRsim” 17″H-x-13″W-edited-10-18-19-@-sRC..

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