f0li0-58/ “bLacK ‘N wHitE: hEy buRn $239 specials” batch-58 [2-01-2014]”

f0li0-58/ “bLacK ‘N wHitE: hEy buRn $239 specials” batch-58 [2-01-2014]


           There were sooo many days weeks years of tRaispings, as I planned light exposuRes, mountains getting demised by a-Hole cHem-tRails expeRts of the asinine new-Rome sordid-Excess, UN-kind. Again and again, how to fend for lack of ice, because the once-Verdant forests gReeneRy shade and the moisture scarcity above 7,000 feet excess did not mean hike anywhere and get lost! The need was to accentuate to Ansel Adams having relinquished to me–personally, in person– the method of “bLack and wHite was formidable task” and then I submitted as well as his stock in tRade, because we were in the field together sooo many time, accentuated that I could take a pH0t0 of him near the eucalyptus tRee”. He was veRsatile than I had tRansmutated, figuratively!


This events area for smaller gRoups gatherings, for vacationeering, for hiking and for study of amazing steep rises from “wilderness -Zone” heights, as bears disappeared, Elk herds had little to forage, muledeEr would not eat “the spore: a fungal-gRowth”. The eagles having disappeared, in 1996, made a courteous exit. Much more than: now-Being able to check-out chemicalizing as though we-People never have to look-up and see the irritability, of the “egRegiousness-Extent”. The reports fRom Africa are immense, as are those from south and east-Asia. There was no need to eRadicate 315,000 aK-Res of the hEy-buRn.

                                                                   R-A pH0t0gRapHiCs


  #1- B & W “Heinous-action-snagetty-or-not-so-Esoteric-referencing-w-national-foRest…” edited-1-31-14-@-sRC-15H-x-12.75W-edited-6-24-16-2-26-17-@-OFO….

2-  monochrome “no-lullabyes-for-charcoal-mega-Sections-gone” 15″H-x-12.73″H-edited-9-21-12-4-04-15-3-20-17-@-sRC…
3- B & W “What-all-eveR-reasoned-no-gReeneRy-foR-no-air-faiR-tRade” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-5-09-16-@-OFO..
4- “Specialty-rock-now-accessible-by-a-no-parking-road” 17.25″W-x-13″H-pRev-ed-edited-6-22-16-@-OFO..
5- B & W “My-hikes-take-in-to-accoRd-those-prouncements-known-befoRe” 17.25W-x-13H-pRev-ed-edited-6-09-16-@-OFO..
6- B & W “We’ve-got-the-need-All-now” 17.5″W-13″H-edited-5-10-16-@-OFO…
7- B & W “pRodigal-chaRcoaL…-expose” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-5-11-16-@-OFO…
–note: #8 is not that large…i shall trty again to upload!

9- abstRuse-B & W “My-hikes-take-in-to-accoRd-those-prouncements-known-befoRe” 17.25″W-x-13″H-pRev-ed-edited-6-09-16-@-OFO…

10- B & W “Holding-onto-the-throat-rock”17.25”W-x-13″H-edited-6-12-16-@-OFO..

11- B & W “Cannot-stand-to-see-those-315,000-ak-Res-go-go-gone” 17.25″W-x-13″H-pRev-ed..edited-6-23-16-@-OFO…

12- B & W “vEry-interesting-Rockie-mTN-rock” 15H-x-12.75H-edited-6-9-19-16-@-OFO..

13-  B & W “Searching-the-infallable-Regi0n-foR-an-incanation-ofoveRt-meaningS” 17.5″W-x-13″H-edited-6-18-16-@-OFO..

14- B & W “Like-throwing-grass-seed-wont-replant-barnished-soil-w-saplinGs”17.25W-x-13H-edited-6-22-16-@-OFO..

15-  B & W “photomontage-of-Demise…half-dozen-yeaRs-afteR” 17.25W-x-13-edited-2-01-14-@-sRC-6-24-16-@-OFO..

16- B & W “What-business-was-theirs-to-cut-moisture-levels-for-millions-of-aRres-now-Remiss-too” edited-2-01-14-@-SRC-6-24-16-@-OFO…

17- B & W “bereft…air-w-freshness-views-w.o.-haze-in-eyes…puRple-mtns-destitute” 17.5W-x-13H-edited-9-22-12-@-sRC-6-24-16-@-OFO…








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