f0li0-27/ 11 Dec 2019 laRgesse` chem-tRails Ionizationings & EMF’s not for Human Beings


f0li0-27/ 11 Dec 2019

laRgesse` chem-tRails Ionizationings & EMF’s not for Human Beings


The idiocy of “military-weather” has been upon us since 1998. As I’ve photographed since, this is the third-Amalgamation than two pRevious, which are in nUkiEmOLe d0t oRg. The Ionizationiungs are anti-Humanity as those microns are highly toxic, chemicalizing agents that contaminate water and land, while Ionizationing contaminates the Ionisphere. The U.,S. Hegemonyites support a deep-State psych-Ops that must be far beyond knowns in and by US-congRess. I had hoped for my petitions to be of serviceable usages, but the e-Commerce is now 9-years behind setting-Up, as thieves have made matters purposefully far-Worse than my being a) humble b) disabled since 1973.


There are sociologic-Questions as well as scientific-Concerns that I’ve redressed, in enumerations since before these western-states “tRacks of garbage dumpages”. Those were seen from driving into dusk, in uppe-State New York, south of Ontario Canada, 1986. Those were horribilus and looked sooo toxic I had to wonder how my “photographic-Memory” would be afflicted and eyes affected. The ‘deep-state’ is sequestering the whole sha-bam, manipulating humanity, us human-Beings in Russia dumpages, Finland dumpages, and maybe Red China dumpages (unknown fact, yet) too.


As I have reported in my many “bloGs” the variegations of Militarizationings is illegal, lies and deceits mainly, manipulations for pRopaganda-Machine. That the underlying monstrosity remains inculcating all human-Beings w “heavy metal aluminum” thru the molecularizationings of air in planet-Oxygenate. What started as interests into “nucleaR-Molecularizations” is also present, in and w stRonitum-90 (and 89 from measurements in my yard here in med-Bow). This zionist-Fascist/american-Hegemony has not been exposed enough. Never voted upon by a populous that cannot have a “one-Person one vote endemic”.


Now, onto another “batch” of iMagEs fRom me…


R-A pHoTogRaphiCs


note: seRiEs-1  “cHems over the med-Bow, day afteR Human Rights Day”

the following iMaGeS of this seRiEs can be oRdered in 2-sizes i.e. depending on virtual size a) 23.5″ x 16 cannot yet be ordered, but 9.5″ x 16″ are $135 each (mounted on archival board, semi gloss); other size is (17.25″H x 12.75″W) oR 9.5″ W x 12.5″ H, $119 each (mounted on archival board, semi gloss) e-Mail me that you’ve ordered, as check (or M.O.) should be mailed tO: R-A pH0t0gRapHiCs p.o. Box 305 Medicine Bow WY 82329-0305…in this mail-In manner, full amount will help to have most immediate mailing f/Rom “digital-pRocessoRs” and allow me to save for the high cost of “e-Commerce”.  “R” Addison

#1+   “Chems-oveR-med-Bow-day-afteR-Human-Rights-Day-2019” edited-15-Dec-2019-@-sRC..

#2+ B & W “Chems-oveR-med-Bow-day-afteR-Human-Rights-Day-2019” edited-15-Dec-2019-@-sRC…

  #3+ “Chems-oveR-med-Bow-day-afteR-Human-Rights-Day-2019” edited-15-Dec-2019-@-sRC..

  #4+  “Really-gone-and-is-banal-chemicalizationing-of-atmosphere…” edited-15-Dec-2019-@-sRC..

#5+  “DiscoloRationing-disseminating-contaminating-puke” edited-15-Dec-2019-@-sRC






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