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bLU oAks/ sEssion-7

bLU oAks/ sEssion-7  I werk on loading my iMaGeS to both my ‘websites’ themes–no one else! There were 14 oRge-Nal “bLU oAks sessions” to edit and w much difficulty or enterprising. I had approximately 110 iMagEs […]

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fOliO-6/ “all sEssioNs bLU-oAks countRy-Cal (study area since 1969) — batch-6 (08-10-08)”

fOliO-6/ “all sEssioNs bLU-oAks ‘countRy’ bitchen-Cal (study area since 1969) — batch-6 (08-10-08)“   Since 1968, strange-Persons have been trying to offend my Life, instead of communicate as an american-Socialist. Theirs is a cybernated happenstance, […]

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