f0li0-10/active-Werk on metals– sCulPtInG–Sept-Oct 2013

f0li0-10/active-Werk on metals– sCulPtInG–Sept-Oct 2013

This oNe is at home in out-of-d00Rs conditions.

I’ve located steel and bought tRailers, I hiRed persons who were in shape and wore

leather stuRdy boots. Then, what to do post stoRage!

How about what to do w 3-4 types of sCuLpTuRal aRtes ‘materials’?

Yet, five years later I was still testing my computer latitudes, and had about been

re-Processed by dispossessed P-A-I-N-S. Since I had staRted my weRk-studies

ph0t0gRaphically, in 1969, after utilizing cameras as study tools starting

at age 9.5 years. Enough said, how to weld and have a camera around

when you’Re not ind00Rs? Weld. Do the both of them out-of-d00Rs,

snow, wind, rain, chem-tRails sleaze or belligerent detergent wArs!

Thus, I found a place via my OTR tRukken–one of many stops!


And, whence, the space-Time got delays and money

for doctors visits, apptms. and no womens that bought me

a cuppo-cough

and cake, to shaRe her luxuRy isn’t usuRy!

Here I am at weRk doing set-ups…hold-on, there are lotsa moRes

in pRocessing how the manner does get together.


R-A pH0T0gRapHiCs (21 Mar 2019)
************ ***********

1+ “Funky galley, the outdooRs livinG does Justice to the mindscAPe …on Tuesday!” (17.25″H x 13″W) edited 10-17-13 & 3-21-19 @ sRC..

2-“...”R’s” -new-weldoR-Jacket…“jpg
3- “heating-w-cutting-torch for-aeRial-Bend-until-rosebud-Smith-handle-could-be-oRdeRed-to-do-a-finesse-job” -edited-10-17-13-@-sRC
4- “dummy-balancing-acts-this-one-threw-my-shouldeR-o-u-t-should-not-be-allowed-much-longeR-than-idiocy-poRtends…“-edited-10-17-13-@-sRC
5- “trimming-3-of-these-and-gRinding-again-is-intention-notice-pipe-is-upright-@-left” -19.5W-x-13H-edited-10-17-13-@-sRC…
6- “accomplishing-what-does-sanding-metal-do-beside-metal-to-support-boulder-for-upright-balance-” 19.5W-x-13H-edited-10-17-13-@-sRC…
7- “cemented-concrete-issue-not-denied-…” -19.5H-x-13W-edited-10-17-13-@-sRC….
8- “spraying-neaRby-the-Miller-400-1972-does-electric-geneRation-oR-my-electRodes-welds-pRoceduRals-etc.” -edited-10-17-13-@-sRC….
9- “the-Reality-of-Reason-metal-is-significantly-impRoved-if-sCuLptinG-methods-aR-togetheR” edited-10-17-13-@-sRC…
10- “Had-no-idea-wheRe-cybeRnetics-weRe-pointing-until-after-this-lamination-to-set-up..” -19.5W-x-13H-edited-21-Mar-2019-@-sRC..
11- “inside-carbon-steel-once-was-pipe-dusk-welding-second-weld” 19.5W-x-13H-edited-10-19-13-@-sRC..
12- “Whats-often-been-called-welding-in-a-bowl-happens-four-times-this-side…” -19.5W-x-13H-edited-10-17-13-3-21-19-@-sRC…

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