fOliO-2 (re-posted)/ 08 Dec 2018 de-Alert ‘missile-Silos in coloRadie’ little-D (5-04-12)

fOliO-2 re-posted/ 08 Dec 2018

de-Alert ‘missile-Silos in coloRadie’ little-D (5-04-12)


Alerting we-People on a fRiday afternoon dN-tN little-D is like finding there is no downtown where active-People have not been “bought”… both by paying for Medicare and not receiving “health” for 47-years, as well as “what in fookerbiltski-Ville is nucleaRism”? The planning of anti-NucleaR vigiling has been delayed and was purposefully waylaid by fecund exasperator’s who know nothing of planning and historic liaisoning, which is to say, punk-O’s out of where and whom we are. This as well as though “one-Sided plutocracy is all we get socially”. How come? Do you know more than I about the sordid-Excess, or are you merely a pawn of the corporate sleaze? Those people have been dRunks, dRuggies, anarchists, bought-fools or racists, who seem not respect others because of egalomaniac-Swollen bRains.


I attended meetings w these regional folk, starting in 1983, upon my move number ad Infinitum from CA, post WYoming. The we-People around the region should be asking how can they do photo’s and hear poetry of civics duty to “dangers of modern-Living” as excess is the sprawl of little-d, and how community is no longer one space-Placement! What has happened to community theatre presentations of and about “nucleaRism”. We resolved here, in 2012, as They (and I) have been members of peace & Justice gRoups, and as I mentioned this gRoup discusses “nucleaRism” from the standards of we-People know what are our “collective” concerns, that not always being socio-Polity of corporate sleaze munitions and armaments industry coupled w US Banking comes first. Defense is nowhere to be had, while billions-dollars, I would say dRew me to meet w a solace’d group of ex-Professionals and some other socialists.


This gathering was as close to May Day and that day should have been in civic-Plaza park, Ma

Please relate… R-A pHoTogRapHiCs


  1- “We-dont-neGleCt-you-folks-join-in-w-otheRs-against-tyRanNy” (19.5″W x 13″H) edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

  2- “To-say-no-to-silos-on-24-7-alert-since-1973…” (19.5″H x 13″W) edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

  3- “Missiles-aRmed-danGerous-to-be-aRound-expLoSive-contaminations-Radionculides…on-24-7-aleRt” (19.5″H x 13″W) edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

4- “Minute-Men-nuclear-Missiles-are-MIRV-loaded-maybe-all-49-in-coloRadie” (19.5″H x 13″W) edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

  5- “UndeRstanding-veRy-patiently-awaiting-no-wars-in-Peace-about-33-yeaRs-a-trial-about-us-from-now” (19.5″H x 13″W) edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

6- “Nuclear-ResistoRs-are-anti-NucleaRist-becAUSE-they-might-have-a-social-Consciousness…” (19.5″H x 13″W) edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

7- “info-is-always-welcomed-and-i-read-dont-you-people” (19.5″H x 13″W) edited-10-24-13-@-sRC

8- “Being-equipped-w-ouR-own-pRefab-papeR-objects-of-scorn-deRision” pRev-ed

9- “the-LaboR-dispute-also-on-bRoadway-at-the-same-time-of-noon-May-4-2012” (19.5″W x 13″H) thru-2012-edited-10-24-13-@-sRC

  10- “Elite-of-little-D-why-nucleaR-MoleculaR-radionculides-w.o.contaminations” (19.5″H x 13″W) edited-7-30-13-@-sRC

11- B & W Elite-of-little-D.-why-so-much-radionuclides-w.o.contantations” edited-7-30-13-@-sRC

  12- “Casting-aspeRsions-w-the-sYmBoLis-minuteman-Three..”edited-10-24-13-@-sRC

13- “forty-nine-silos-on-24-7-alert-in-coloRadie-right-now-ugh” edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

14- “lotsa-fun-beinG-theRe-beside-the-ominous-and-beinG-heRe-haRdly-beyond-ominous…” edited-10-23-13-@-sRC

  15- “bid-you-Life-how-long-is-that-goin-on…what-w-mishaps-mistakes-excuses-foR-contRactoRs-to-build-nucleaR-bOmBs” edited-10-23-13-@sRC























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