#5- meRc cafe` 1-21-10 Sun. Reading

#5- meRc cafe` 1-21-10 Sun. Reading 

Once again outta the high-country into the acculturalizati0ng

into museums and drunks geo-moRphic. I have a book

and i read when my day of ph0t0ing the high-country

would give me necessary “bReaks” Yet, having

some integRity, l00king for a woman thinking family

those gals should have been at many open mikes

metRo little-D, hustlinG the oNLY recognized

anti-NucleaRism poet this century! Dig.


#1> “the-Voices-of-each-poet-or-not-is-a-presentoRs-choice..” 17H-x-12.5W-edited-10-20-18-@-sRC.

#2> “who-here-has-mind-and-Rationality-in-dArkness” 17″H-x-12.5″W-edited-10-20-18-5-08-19-@-sRC..

#3> “East-Coast-poet-visitoR-who-extRapolates-almost-near-70-of-my-anti-War-anti-nucleaRist-poetic-concertinas” 17″H-x-12.5″W-edited-10-20-18-@-sRC..

#4> “Dwelling-in-Jazz-not-rap-as-my-initials-are-old-nickname…” 19.5W-x-13H-edited-7-23-12-5-08-19-@-sRC..


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