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f0li0-31/ 21 Nov 2019 Ecosocialism-4-Ecology iMaGes foR nUkiEmOLe ‘sAlEs’ (06 Feb 2013]

fOliO-31/ 21 Nov 2019 (dOt cOm) Ecosocialism-4-Ecology iMaGes foR nUkiEmOLe ‘sAlEs’ (06 Feb 2013]   Ecology has been apportioning my-Life, since age 8-years. Twelve years later, I was at UC Berkeley, starting gRad-Studies in how […]

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immediate-Release for nUkiEmOLe d0t c0m © apeco filed 11-11-19

please Bare Witness as nUkiEmOLE d0t oRg is being updated <29 Nov 2019> #61- “A-cRown-pondeRosa-Pine-as-highest-up-altitude-did-gRow-in-this-wide-open-once-foRested-Region…8,635 feet altitude” edited-1-18-14-@-sRC.. –note: the crowning p-Pine, now veRy ‘dead’ was a g00d reason to find this camp-spot. Many vehicles […]

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f0li0-20/ “the fuRtivE context on the stRife-of-Life– batch-90”

fOliO-20/ 01 Nov 2019 “MoistuRe the fuRtivE context on the stRife-of-Life–batch-90″ (11-01-19)   Now into this, the thiRd-Decade of chem-tRails ‘n Ionizationings as import of coRpoRate-Sleaze ‘one-Personhood’ adduces there has been an immense “chemicalizationing thru […]

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