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f0li0-8/ “anti-Nuclear & anti-War pRotest, san fRan (3-29-11) batch-9″

“anti-Nuclear & anti-War pRotest, san fRan (3-29-11) batch-9“     Many protests, vigils, marches, sit-ins, and not that many plenary-sessi0ns–i do remembeR. Those hours back then! Planning started on the next “anti-Nuclearist” gathering in support of ‘what […]

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Blog #2/”thieves have cost too much and they are not anti-Wars-Warring”

This bloG will be as others for my phOtOgRapghS… peRtaining to data any ole updated t-i-m-e! Dig? –note: there will be a ph0t0 here…   “Scotty Martin passed away June 2017” {the man in cap […]

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