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This site** nUkiEm0Le d0t c0m is up again…

This site**, nUkiEm0Le d0t c0m, is supposed to be user friendly. However, two web ‘re-Developers’ got me incorrectly doing too much of nothing and taking $500 for no-wirk, and not sending zip files back, after […]

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R.A. pHoToinG is my blog for d0t c0m (11-20-17)

Welcome people…bLoG #1 I do have hopes that you will enjoy viewing many of 10,0oo’s iMaGeS w folios– therein.                nUkiEmOLe iNf0 #29/ 23 Nov 20   What’s w.o. Anarchyists is w.o. rationale for pRogRess […]

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R-A pHoToinG/ What goes into a blog post 17 Nov 2017

What goes into a blog post? Helpful, i.e. not industry-specific content that:           1) gives readers a useful viewing, taskfulness in visual-Acuity, visualness… and          2) shows i am a long teRm pHoTogRapHeR (you’re not […]

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