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fOliO-11 / “27 Jan 2013: aRchaics sPeciaLs 4 nUkiEmOLe (3-09-17) batch-11”

–notes: before the chem-tRails start (April 1998) this area was my 2nd study zone, started as was ‘hEy buRn aRea’ in 1969. I came back here to camp and relax by running waters which  1-of-3 years dried to bare rounded rocks, and oftentimes had range cattle disassociated from non-chlorinated tissue! The Ecology gRoup led their horses thru-out and in 1983 oRchards cut down for vinyards! The live Oaks and bLu-Oaks have amazing colorRations. I had planned to have 1.2 MB’s images as I feel these lower KB’s are semi-peRtinent and semi-Offensive. Do wArs-wArriing make oR bReak our american-Economy!!

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