f0li0-22/ 17 Oct 2019 LaRge sCuLpTs aRtes-pRojects d00med to-Public space-Places, yet!

f0li0-22/ 17 Oct 2019

LaRge sCuLpTs aRtes-pRojects d00med to-Public space-Places, yet!


Do we-Americans love and laud large-Sculpts? Do we stop

our insouciant polluting ph00els and walk to view those sCuLpTs available

to our eyeballs? I do, and I hope the anti-Wars pRotests ‘peRsons’ are

eyeballing those large aRtes pieces i.e. aRtwuRks .As the remainder of folks

who love and laud public-aRtwuRks as pRemises of “empire” where do they

get on and off, being asinine-SuppoRteRs, Bourgoisie to the hilt,

 iconoclasts of the new-Rome of PlutocRacy, anyway? I do appreciate

viewoRs of my aRtes ph0t0s website—herein! However, please

do remembeR, that the american-Socialists are all “anti-Wars” and

I am also anti-nucleArist, antagonized by the dictums and disgraces

of masse` muRderings, past and pResent,

pRopagated by american-NucleaRism, allowing

that no-Radionuclides the whole world-Covert should be cleansed

of that totally-Ubiquitous Radionucldies anywhere and

everywhere including the atmosphere above us full of those

strontium-90 micRons, galore…


My “pseudocRatic” sCuLpT was puRchased in little-D: denver, on site,

   as I had immediately needed an ‘auto-Wash’ estimated 1,250 lbs

as this oNe chUnk, was heavy, could not be tuRned, I loaded foR

retuRn-tRek of about 405 miles and  mused the rusted cRud ‘n cake

should not come off unless that dropped onto my flatbed eg. I planned for both!

Now, this is the third-Stage (below) you may look foRwaRd to having

a viewing of those 3-otheRs, as one afteR this shall also apprise

my compendium for a “slide-Show” which this theme is supposed to

have L.O.L. —please view along!


R-A pH0T0gRapHiCs


   #1- cRop “settee-for-fourth-installment-sCuLpT-session-6” 13″H-x-19.5″W-edited-7-16-23-15-@-sRC…

  #2-Let-id-Al-Rock-is-let-id-Al-be-the-mateRial-not-rot..” 19.5″W-x-13″H-edited-7-18-15-12-12-17-@-sRC..

  #3- “Doin-the-barnishing-when-will-the-scUlpT-be-readied-foR-public-Viewing” 19.5″W-x-12.75″H-edited-7-22-15-12-12-17-@-sRC..

  #4- “No-clown-No-burial-ground-cautious-and-honest-tidyingly” 17″H-x-12.75″W-edited-7-22-15-12-12-17-@-sRC..

  #5- “PseudocRatic-getting-cleansed-4-one-more-w-several-laminations-to-go” 19.5″W-x-13″H-edited-7-22-15-12-12-17-@-sRC..

  #6- “the-subtle-lift-7.522-wide-by-11.8-length-tall..” 17″H-x-12.75″W-edited-7-22-15-10-20-16-@-sRC…

  #7- “Not-a-dust-verboten-moment-another-look-for-final-set-up” 18.75″H-x-12.75″W-edited-7-22-15-@-sRC…

   #8- “Does-pseudocRatic-react-from-the-attackeR” 18.75″H-x-12.75″W-@sRC…

   #9- “How-bout-this-way-height-level” 17″H-x-12.75″W-edited-7-22-15-12-12-17-@-sRC…

   #10- “I-like-this-one-better-now-that-ive-disclosed-the-other-side-up-ski” 19.5″W-x-13″H-edited-7-22-15-12-12-17-@-sRC…

  #11- “how-this-high-off-gRound-coming-down-at-angle-such” 18.75″H-x-12.75″W-edited-7-22-15-12-12-17-@-sRC…

  #12- “Not-fade-away..” 19.5″W-x-13″H-edited-7-23-15-12-12-17-@-sRC…

  #13- cRop “Spot-check-welds-alignment-height-gets-determined” 13″Hx13″W-edited-7-16-15-12-12-17-@-sRC…






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