#1- meRc cafe` 3-09-07 event reading

#1- meRc cafe` 3-09-07 event reading


      There aRe many events planned at MeRcuRy Cafe` in little-D: denver.

However, I ask why is poetry public-Readings accepted morosely moRe

by digestive-Poets i.e. not necessarily a public wanting to be informed!

The same was always somewhat tRuth in St. Louis area

public-Readings, that was the same. also in Manhattan–

the two National Public Readings.

Depends upon the verity? No. Alludes to illusion of egoism?

No. Allocates allusion w.o. impunity? Much closeR…


“R” Addison, aRtist/wRitoR/poet-ph0t0gRapHeR


–notes– you may read: “R’s” POetics, Poetic Adversity @


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