nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #3 / 1-17-14 to HALT US military-Hegemony thRu 90% reduction Budget

nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #3 / 1-17-14

to HALT US military-Hegemony thRu 90% reduction Budget


As most of us already know, and most of us can and have seen, the ‘eye-fuck: flashlights” make our human-Senses moribund, immorally egregious, carpet sweep for support of a capricious-System, over-sensitized. All that and “nucleaRism” as propaganda since 1944. The U.S. Constitution has been abused, bulldozed to flatness, as well as tempoRalized for the Conditionalist “philosophy” as well as pas ce temporalized toward non-Prophetic: cognition. The invasions by el-pResidente’ edict overrules the US-congRess, as well as cow-tows to the belligerence-Corps of the fanatics in penataGooons, and deep-State, and dRunken-VeteRans who served maybe 2-years, received severance-Pay but cannot spell correctly the word: peace.


Personally, I have spent my waking hours, since 1967, seeking peace, Reconciliations of Constitution and the actual-Facts on all Senators and congressional persons, who allowably let the we-People, down, down, down again and again for the past 42-years of Un-declared: wArs-wArrings, illegal-Invasions. The impunity and usury against we-People, against people the world overt, against planet-Ecology, has been perpeTratedf or BAILOUT the US-banks instead of closing down the “federal-Reserve” and disavowing the IMF. The many US: military, hosts Illegal-Invasions for might making cIAS “destrabilizationings” a success as need of less democracy for dictators then is easy to be installed. The amount of 21-years chemicalizationings for Ionizing the IonispHere is a military operation and those funds are covert and DEEP-STATE.


MILITARY BASES Are the worst for contaminations of CO-2’s and PFAS’s infiltRates waters w.i. 10-miles of those 120-nations w u.s.a. Bases, amounting to 757 bases of the planet, while health and dental-Medicare has stagnated since 1968 signage by LBJ.

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