“R’s” panopticon pRofessionalism oR gEo-moRpHics R-A pH0T0gRaphy

“R’s” philosophy-Approach

“nucleaRism” again Radionuclides “decontaminationing” this heading “Our philosophy” or “R;s” vision, since age 11.5 years. This is the space where the viewing is visual, aspects factored by the visual-aRtist/phOtOgRapHeR who has werked in cultural venues explained in https://nukiemole.org where there is something distinct and interesting, from gRey-bRown, caused, we now, by acid-Rein from mostly chem-Trails daily onslaughts now entering the 21st annum (April 2019).

My ‘pH0togRapHiC’ Story

Basically, i ran amok of Ansel Adams at age 5.5 years in the pResidio (san fRancisco CA) while allowing myself not to await further, for my surgeon olde man to finish doing ’rounds’ at the Navy Hospital–nearby! Ansel was gRunting beneath the actual “weight ” of heavy tRipod w 8″ x 10″ viewfinder camera attached, while i was atop a 17′ by 25′ boulder–a semi-flattop! He wandeRed past oblivious to me and a casual other lad abut 20-months older than I. (I shall add to this biogRaphy again and again from today 27 Mar 2019)…

I studied geography after gRaduation the Colorado College, because I had studied Ecology starting at age six when I learned how to contact ‘poison-Oak’ in the live oaks of quail flocks, raccoons and black-tailed coastal deer…

I studied North Americas flora and faun w the Ecology gRoup, from 1969 thru 1977, primarily w a hiking companion: Charley Klatt.

Meet the Man, himself

Basically, or specifically, the thieves of my camera-Equipment are not always the same people. They are totally-Bourgeois, and they ought have their fingers lopped-off as was done in Iran–such a cultuRal tRait! Now, I have weRked extRa hard to engendeR for americanism-as-Philosophy to include thought-discourse on “nucleaRism” as that gives me a bReak fRom cameRa’s and computeR editings, titles-made, oRganizing and postings vis-a-vis: visualties ultRa-paRtaking! Whether or not those “fReakish” thieves are consoRting thRu soRdid “spying” aka NSA or not, my phOtOcRati theme does not do what I’ve asked. In other words, I expected that the login: viewoR would have a choice to view one of 13-types foRmats as per each “album and seRies” in dOt 0Rg and folio’s in dOt cOm. 


Panoply pRofessionalism/ Service #1

Whatever is natural and outdoors! I am an outd00rs specialist in Ecology. I have a backgRound in Ecosocialism, from many days of decades in tRavel-tRavails. I have done specific “events” and most are at my own expense, because american-Bourgeois, or those who knew me had to await 3-4-5 years due to my too many “pseudo-Gout’s disease-Issues”. Unfortunately, I apologize.

Idiopathic or empathics? / Service #2

These websites do take hours and hours weekly, but my cameras, those have batteRies, and web-Developers, plus editings 3-4 years takes not just one person. Who do i tRust since too many americans are paranoid about my studying nucleaRsim” What fore?

All my own ph0t0s / Service #3

Yes. The cameRa’s I do wear our or have serviced once-per year (or as needed).
services-1 (nice iMage not mine)

I can and do need donates, thus that is all I can take from you–unless you view both websites and make a puRchase.

Sample what otheRs see of my tRavel-tithing–moRe @  https://nukiemole.org/american-women-loving-wars-death-to-children-in-yemen-and-libya-deaths-by-nsdu-238-are-disgraceful-6-14-18/



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What is “R” Addison, doingS? (updates & news heading)


the gEo-moRpHics of R-A pH0T0gRaphy

–note: in other website/ tHe bRown-gRey of hEgEmoNyiTes and the neW RoMe