This site** nUkiEm0Le d0t c0m is up again…

This site**, nUkiEm0Le d0t c0m, is supposed to be user friendly. However, two web ‘re-Developers’ got me incorrectly doing too much of nothing and taking $500 for no-wirk, and not sending zip files back, after stating he’s a ‘businessman [thief]’! The first was Victor Stramm, LOS ($150 due back) and secondly, Owen Dessauer, south of Kansas city ($500 due back) …both 2017!

    This is a good opportunity to explain, that I’ve been suRpRised at how rude others and theirs is “thieving” have been about not knowing what Radionuclides-RepoRting has been like–since 1957.First, off the removal of $2,000 worth steel, that I purchased for sCuLpTs and tRanspoRted fRom CA, UT, ID was cut and the case is they are an UN-worthy ’cause’ maintaining no communication and commutations.


   Secondly, 2011-2012 Leo and Vincent Cyrus (bRotheRs) never answered “had anybody been in my yard that they may have heard” on June 2nd 2012 upon my return from CA & CO. Then, I started counting what had been removed as I suspected that Robert had been watching my place on his tReks to bars and mail when he passed-bye!

   a) Bill Friedrichs & 3-honcho’s: Robert, Dave, Cain seen w cables from my ‘electric’  weldor–Aug and Sept 2012, after my two major surgeries (yet in recovery, then until Nov. 2013)…39-pieces valued @ approx. $500! Cables @ $245 replacement including gas which was $3.98 per gallon and distance was 285 miles round-trip. Total $745. 

**suspected of removal from my across tRacks leased by Virginian Hotel’s Vernon Scott… suspected are Danny Chase, his brother Steve and an acquaintance w whom I figure may have let them to that private spot, Lester (Scotty Martin’s dRunk fRiend) or Phillip–meth user–rented and helped, sculptor: Denis Bames.

   b) Thieves (2014-2015): Dawn Carter and Joshua (?) w 3X boys (teens) 2 may have had local fRiend as they rented across the street, and used to stumble thru my yard awakening me while I was in heap-O aRthRitic-pains late-at-nite, early mornings. 7X reports to dumb-Fool Carbon County,  Sheriff’s Officer, who has yet to give a “case-#”on 57-gallons; and the above, as well. The first report of : fromVan-1 stowage: pan ($30); 8-inches drop-hitch ($55);  one-other item! $115 total. No case #?.

      Trying to get knowledge about: who is pounding my vehicles, as they sit awaiting repairs and funds from “website-Sales”.


                                    R-A pHoTogRapHiCs (11-23-17)

**iMaGes would not download…

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